Welcome to Casual Miracles. I help self-aware professionals get mileage from their hard-won insights and move past blocks they can’t quite get around on their own. The result? Where once they white knuckled to maintain status quo, they now move with ease toward the lives and businesses they want.

“I would highly recommend Erica to anyone considering PSYCH-K sessions. Her knowledge, compassion and skills as a PSYCH-K facilitator will provide the foundation for you to grow in a warm, open environment.” – Epi Ortiz

Feel free to explore this site to learn a little about the “flash therapy” modality PSYCH-K. If you’re struggling with self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, we can get your subconscious mind to take over the heavy lifting on behalf of your dreams.

I also blog here about my experiences with various beneficial life hacks and tell cool stories about the habit- and belief-transforming modality PSYCH-K. 



To schedule an appointment, call/text 928-308-7650 or fill in this handy form:

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  1. Love and a little bit of salt. That sums you up pretty well, I think. Kisses and lime.

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  2. alixito says:

    Looking forward to what you do with this new adventure! 🙂

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  3. Carol Soukup says:

    Loving the concept that miracles are everywhere
    My motto is every day..make a memory..watch the sunset, watch with a baby ‘s eyes…as if for the first time.such a miracle!

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  4. Epi ortiz says:

    I can’t say enough about our Psych K sessions with Erica. I discovered Psych K from reading Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book and watching his videos. My wife and I talked and we decided to try a session. We were very careful looking for a facilitator, as we have gone to people for self help services in the past and too often discovered the people weren’t competent or were more interested in getting our money rather than helping us. This is certainly not the case with Erica. She is a very genuine person, her understanding and kindness help you to relax, feel comfortable and truly focus on your sessions with her. One of the pleasant surprise we discovered when we started working with Erica is that she is truly interested in helping you and will do what she can to help you. In addition to the warm welcoming environment she provides, Erica is a smart facilitator and knows how to work the session in order to get the most out of it. Psych K is a participatory experience that needs input from both the facilitator and the client in order to be successful. in our sessions, Erica has asked me questions or help me to take perspectives that I was never really aware of prior. Helping me to come to realizations that I would not have achieved where it not for her assistance. My wife and I have gained so much from our experiences, that we asked our daughters to give a try. After their first session, both of them were impressed at the self realization they came to in their sessions and both look forward to other sessions. I would highly recommend Erica to anyone considering Psych-K sessions. Her knowledge,compassion and skills as a Psych-K facilitator will provide the foundation for you to grow in a warm open environment that Erica provides.

    Epi Ortiz

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